Junta is a software development company that was formed out of frustration with the quality of software being produced by the industry in general. Simply put, we develop software that delivers on it's stated goals with an appropriate level of quality and complexity.


The way that we operate is quite simply:
effective, then efficient, then elegant.
The most important aspect of every solution, be it software or not, is that it works - it must be effective. There is not much value in efficiently doing what doesn't have to be done, and even less in doing it elegantly. Solutions must first be effective, then efficient, then elegant.


  • Delivering against business cases, not technology for technology's sake.
  • Acknowledging change as natural and preparing for it.
  • Ensuring that the business makes the business decisions with input from the technologists.
  • Ensuring that the technologists makes the technology decisions with input from the business.
  • Visibility in all processes.


Our primary technology focus is Java's enterprise flavour, J2EE. Originally seen as technology allowing integration of many different systems into a single platform, J2EE has grown to become the standard for systems that require robustness, performance and scalability. The people at Junta have being using J2EE technology since 1999 and are at the forefront of the J2EE community in experience and ability.


Junta develops software that supports business. We have skills and experience in delivering high quality custom software - you have special requirements, we have the special skills to meet them.

A particular area where Junta adds a lot of value is in new ventures. Our staff have been involved in several new ventures and are responsive to the special requirements involved in them.

There are times when a solution is not what's required. What's needed is a fresh perspective on an existing project that is starting to underperform. Junta has significant skills in turning these sorts of projects around with a minimum of fuss and complexity.

Contact us at info@junta.com.au for further information about how we can help achieve your desired outcomes - effectively, efficiently and elegantly.


At Junta we are always on the lookout for people to work with who fit the way that we do things. If you believe that you are well suited to our organisation, don't hesistate to send an email or your resume to jobs@junta.com.au.